Terms & Conditions

By using our services, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below.

We reserve the right to:

  • refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time
  • change our product’s prices without notice
  • modify or discontinue any products and/or services
  • modify descriptions and/or other information of the products

Refunds, returns and cancelations

Refunds, returns, or cancelations are not allowed due to the digital nature of the products, which means, they are not tangible products and cannot be returned. A refund exception can be made if you accidentally purchase a theme twice.


You have support all the time while you’re using a Lovelogic theme.
The support includes the resolution of errors on the theme itself and answers to your questions.
Does not include: customizations, the addition of extra widgets, and resolution of errors originated by the edition of the code made by you or by third-parties.

We do not provide support for third-parties widgets and plugins.

We do not always provide support for customers who did remove our credits from the footer’s theme.

We are not responsible for the backups of your website. We strongly recommend that you create a backup of your content regularly to not lose it. We also recommend that you create a backup of your theme before installing a new one or making any changes to the code.


You can not resell or share a theme or any part of it.

You can not claim that any product, theme, or graphic made by Lovelogic is the work of your creation.


The themes will be updated whenever is needed to fix bugs or update technologies used in development. You don’t have to buy again to get the updated file, just contact us and an updated copy will be sent.

If you have any questions, contact us directly on hello@lovelogic.design or by visiting our contact page.

Last Updated: 03 April 2021